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About Network Piano Carriers

How does a commercially trained diver begin a nationally recognised Piano relocation company? Initially, to avoid working overseas due to work shortage in offshore construction in Bass Strait.

Company History

In May 1989, after working with a small transport company, John Osmond commenced trading as Network Piano Carriers in Melbourne, Victoria. During the first month of trading, John personally relocated 30 pianos. Today, John is managing a well trained and motivated group of more than 20 people. This team coordinates and handles in excess of 1000 pianos per month throughout Victoria and Queensland.

Company Vision

In 1989, John's vision for Network Piano Carriers was to be "universally recognised as the No.1 piano relocation company". This is still the company's priority in 2007 and into the future.

In order to achieve this vision, Network Piano Carriers sets the standards for the piano moving industry, and sets the standards high. We encourage all staff to undertake extra skills training and refresher courses, and conduct our own in-house training weekly, where we review and discuss our safe manual handling techniques.

Network Piano Carriers' commitment to ensuring the safety of our customers' instruments is perfectly summed up by the Chinese saying:

"Do something 100 times, call it practice; do something 10,000 times, call it refinement."

Having moved more than 100,000 pianos, we can honestly claim to know a lot about pianos.

Our Customers

Our customers are a diverse group, including:
  • Private individuals
  • Musical instrument retailers
  • Event organisers
  • Promoters of Australian and International performers
  • Educational facilities
  • Furniture removalists
  • Importers and wholesalers

In the Words of John Osmond

"Everything we do is directed towards the satisfaction of present and future customers. Throughout our day, we all focus on our customer service standard which is simply expressed through two words - Everything Matters!

It has been a rewarding and challenging profession. But as with any life long endeavour, it is the simple acts that define what our company is all about. We constantly aim to keep our promises and exceed your expectations of us".

John still enjoys recreational diving and is currently a volunteer member of the Maritime Archaeological Association of Victoria and the Historical Diving Society.

Our opening hours are Monday Friday 8.30am-5.30pm. All web enquiries will be responded to within 2 business hours.


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