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Piano Tuning

Regular piano tuning is the best way to ensure your piano is a pleasure to play and a pleasure to listen to.

If your piano has been unused or in storage for a long time, professional piano tuning will aim to restore it to a perfect pitch.

Piano Tuning Network Piano Carriers are the piano tuning specialists. We can safely transfer your instrument and arrange piano tuning by our professionals tuners. Contact us

Why do I need piano tuning?

A piano can drift out of tune for a number of reasons, even when not in use.

  • Atmospheric changes: Changing seasons means changes in temperature and humidity. Pianos tend to go flat in the winter months when heating systems draw moisture out of the piano's soundboard. In the warmer months the air is usually more moist and the soundboard absorbs this moisture, expands and causes the piano to go sharp. Direct sunlight or other heat sources can also cause rapid changes in tuning.

  • String stretching: The strings of a new or restrung piano will keep stretching and slowly go flat for some time. More frequent piano tuning is required to stabilise the sound in these cases.

  • Slipped tuning pins: Holes in the tuning block shrink and expand with atmospheric changes, so that over time, tuning pins can become loose and slip.

  • Heavy use: The more often your piano is played, or if it is regularly pounded and played at high volume, the more often it needs piano tuning.

Benefits of Piano Tuning:

We recommend piano tuning at least every six months, unless it receives heavy use, because:

  • It produces a superior sound and is more pleasing to the player and the audience

  • It will enhance a player's, or student's, performance and achieve better exam results

  • It preserves your piano for future generations

  • It will hold its value and remain a genuine re-saleable item.

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If your piano is sounding flat or too sharp, contact Network Piano Carriers for a professional piano tuning service.
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In the unlikely event your piano can't be tuned you will be charged a call-out fee of $88inc.

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