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Piano Moving Insurance

There are two things that you should do to protect your piano when moving it:
  1. Use a specialised, trained piano removalist with the right equipment
  2. Make sure that your piano removalists have proper insurance coverage
Our piano removalists are trained, experienced and have the best equipment for the job. They carefully inspect the site and plan the move while drawing on their piano moving experience. However, even with the best laid plans...

Accidents do happen even to the most experienced piano removalists.

So it is wise to make sure that your piano move is fully insured. Here are some questions to ask about insurance before booking a piano removalist:
  1. When and where is the piano you covered?
  2. While it is being moved and handled?
  3. In the truck, lift or in transit?

  4. Network Piano Carriers offer full comprehensive insurance cover. Your piano is covered for the whole time it is in our care (from when we come to move it, until it is in place at its new location)*.

  5. What is covered and for how much?

  6. Network Piano Carriers insure against any damage to your piano up to $200,000.00. That includes everything from complete loss to minor damage.

  7. Is there an excess?

  8. There is no excess on our insurance cover. Any damage that occurs in our care is repaired at no cost to you.
*Some only have insurance for when the piano is being handled. So if the piano is damaged in the truck it would not be covered. They also may not have specific cover for Pianos. If they damage or even scratch your piano it might end up costing you.

Please contact us on (03) 9580 7788 or by using the form below for a full copy of our insurance cover details.

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