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Piano Maintenance

Piano maintenance is an important part of caring for your investment and ensuring it is enjoyed for many years to come.

Have you inherited a piano, or bought one privately or second hand? You may need instructions on proper piano maintenance.

Network Piano Carriers are your expert resource centre for all piano maintenance, repairs and tuning.

Why is piano maintenance so important?

Pianos are unique and complex instruments that need to be nurtured and looked after, even if not in use. A car driven without regular maintenance breaks down. A piano that is not regularly maintained may eventually need major restoration work, or even get beyond repair and become valueless.

  • Expertise: Network Piano Carriers are recognised as a credible resource centre for all piano related matters.

  • Services: More than just tuning, piano maintenance services include recommendations to repairers and restorers.

  • Advice: Our piano specialists can advise you on:
With regular maintenance your piano will sound better, be more enjoyable to play and hold its value. Talk to us today to organise piano maintenance for your piano.

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